Anti-Ageing Secrets From The Stars

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Being a woman is hard work. And it can be expensive, too. While we would kill to look like some of our favourite Hollywood celebrities, fact is we don’t have the money or time to achieve that celebrity look. But what if we can steal some of their simple beauty secrets? Well, we’ve got you covered there.

When it comes to anti-ageing, these women know all the tricks, so we went digging to see what works, and were surprised to find some awesome – and really easy – anti-ageing tips to keep us looking and feeling fab all year long. Who says we need a plastic surgeon to turn heads!

For starters, protecting our skin is probably the most important rule. Stars like Kristin Davis, Julianne Moore and Jennifer Lopez swear by sunscreen and won’t leave the house without it. So who are we to argue? Have you seen them?

Former supermodel, Elle Macpherson stresses that all women should exfoliate. She believes it’s the only way to keep your skin glowing. Dame Helen Mirren on the other hand – who looks absolutely fabulous at 70 – reveals that her secret to looking good is a good night’s sleep, while Jane Fonda (78) believes the key to her everlasting youth is daily exercise!

Washing your face morning and night is vital too, just ask Julia Roberts, who adds that she never wears make-up when not working to give her face a break. As for actress, Reese Witherspoon, who follows a healthy lifestyle, she insists on keeping her face low-maintenance – always moisturising and wearing minimal make-up.

Eating healthy plays a huge role, too. Michelle Pfeiffer has been following a vegan diet for years and praises its anti-ageing benefits. But that doesn’t mean non-vegans can’t live a healthy lifestyle either… just look at Kate Hudson and Heidi Klum.

And with a healthy diet comes exercise of course. While Jennifer Aniston believes yoga keeps her fit, and in turn looking young, stars including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman are getting better with age due to their strict exercise programmes. 

So, you have no excuse ladies… try out these simple tips and smile at a younger you every morning.

by Angela

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Cape Town's Darling Hi Rennie, I hope you're keeping warm these days. We haven't put any products in as they would be dependant on your skin type. However, we will put specific products into future articles that we write. Take care.
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