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It’s a fact - you don’t have to brush your teeth. You just have to brush the ones you want to keep! Ha! Almost had you there, didn’t I? If you must know, I brush my teeth twice a day – at night (so I can keep them) and in the morning … so that I can keep my friends! Darlings, I have recently discovered the SLIM Sonic – the first electric, portable toothbrush that is as effective, as it is funky – you’ll definitely want to brush twice a day after you get your hands on one of these!

The SLIM Sonic is a vibrating, sonic toothbrush that I have added to my range of sonic devices – you can read my review about the Clarisonic Aria here. This toothbrush cleans teeth gently and moves at a whopping 22,000 brush strokes per minute! Not only does the SLIM Sonic clean your teeth better than your regular toothbrush, it also creates a secondary cleansing action through the intense vibrational speed which gets rid of plaque beyond the brush bristles. The Sonic does takea little getting used to - I’m used to scrubbing my teeth clean, now the Sonic does all the work.

If there is one reason I hate brushing at night, it’s because it signifies the end of my snacking (and this requires commitment). So, to make this process a little less tedious, the creators of the Sonic have come up with really funky designs in 19 different colours and patterns. I got a polka dot-designed toothbrush, but there are also leopard and zebra prints, as well as kisses, camo and stripes. The Sonic’s slim size (it may be small but it’s feisty) and snap on vented, mascara style cap (very cleaver indeed) makes it the perfect on-the-go companion. The Sonic uses a single AAA battery – so no more messy charger cables. From R299 (every SLIM Sonic comes complete with a battery and replacement brush head).

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by Samantha

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