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I have previously written about my inability to keep a plant alive for longer than a week. Coupled with the fact that our current home is built on what amounts to a sand dune, and you have a recipe for horticultural disaster. And although we are merely renters of our abode it would be nice to invest in the garden, and perhaps leave a greener legacy for the next tenants. Happily I have discovered a fantastic business that manufactures water tanks, gardens beds and other cool stuff, all made from corrugated steel - say hi to RainQueen Corrugated Tanks.

By sheer luck I came upon RainQueen's garden beds when watching one of my daughter's extra mural activities at a local school. I found the corrugated surface visually appealing as it reminded me of living in the Free State, a rustic guest house on a neighbouring farm, and a time gone by. The beds (or planters) are designed so that they are displayed above ground, have rounded edges so that there is no risk of cuts or scratches, and can be painted any colour you want. Simply place the bed in the spot you want it, fill up with soil and get planting! If, like me, you have no soil, or poor soil in your garden, then this is the perfect solution and ensures you can grow pretty flowers or herbs, instead of desperately trying to salvage the dismal half dead shrub in the corner. The design of the beds allows for great drainage as it has no bottom piece - excess water simply drains straight into the ground below.

Mark, the man behind RainQueen, manufactures water tanks as his main business, a fantastic rainwater harvesting initiative that is particularly popular in drier climates. Mark also designs and hand makes ad hoc items like dog houses, compost bins, strawberry planters, wood stackers, worm farms and loads more, all made from corrugated or flat sheet steel. I suggest you check out RainQueen's website and Facebook pages for some more fab ideas on what Mark can produce. RainQueen products are available at select garden centers, or can be ordered directly. Chat to Mark about your requirements and he will quote you based on product, size thereof and delivery.

by Philippa McRae
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by Phil

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Diane Featherby I will have the puppy…lol. Very clever indeed.

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