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Darlings I have a serious conundrum on my hands! I’m a big fan of beards (read well manicured beards sported by the likes of Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal) but I absolutely hate scratchy stubble. My skin is ultra sensitive so when the boyfriend decides to grow out his beard I have two choices – grin and bear it when he comes in for a smooch and then live with a red nose and cheeks for the rest of the day or ask him to shave it off. This is why I went on the hunt for something that would allow the boyfriend to let loose and grow out his beautiful beard while making sure both his skin and mine were itch free! Imagine my delight when I discovered that there was a lekker local company manufacturing exactly what we were looking for right here in sunny South Africa.  Ladies, if your man has a beard or is sacrificing his boyish good looks for Movember then trust me you need to gift him some products from Bonafide Beards!

Bonafide Beards manufactures the very best natural and organic beard grooming products any man could ever ask for. All the products in their range are handcrafted and help to treat, tame and nourish your man’s mane from day one. With these products in your arsenal both you and the man in your life can say bye-bye to itchy, red skin caused by unmanaged stubble and beards. The first of its kind in South Africa Bonafide Beards is truly starting a bearded revolution in South Africa.

The range was developed by the lovely Monique Fleming when she herself was struggling to deal with being stabbed in the cheeks by her man’s beard on a daily basis. Because she loved her man’s beard so very much she decided to look for a solution that allowed him to keep his beard and her to keep staring lovingly at his rugged manly face. She did some research and realised that there was a whole world of beard grooming products out there – but not in South Africa. So instead of importing them she decided to make them herself. Her husband loved them so much that she realised she could make a real difference and save beards all over South Africa.

The Bonafide Beards has been specifically developed to meet the needs of every man's beard – long, short, thick or sparse they’ve got something for every type of facial hair. The products don’t contain any nasties and are one hundred percent safe to put on your face and near your mouth and lips. Natural ingredients like beeswax, tea tree oil, sandalwood, organic coconut oil and a range of other essential oils will help to tame transform your man’s wired hair into a luxurious mane.

The range includes a Beard Brush (a sturdy wooden brush with mixed natural bristle and boar hair – R100) to help remove dead skin cells that cause irritation as well as tame and untangle unruly facial hair, handcrafted beard balm (a hypoallergenic balm to use on both the beard and skin in order to nourish the skin and add strength, luster, volume and control to the mane – R140), Handcrafted Beard Oil (restore the beard’s natural oils and prevent hair breakage with this pre and post shaving oil – R160) and Handcrafted Cleansing Bar (made with pure coconut oil, clay, activated charcoal and spearmint oil this bar will cleanse the beard and skin without stripping them of their natural oils – R50). Plus, if it all sounds rather overwhelming then you can also invest in the Beard Grooming Startup Pack which contains everything your man will need to start his journey to a better beard including; the beard brush, beard oil, cleansing bar and beard wax for R450.

While I might not have been able to test these products myself I did have a guinea pig try them and got incredible feedback. They really do help to tame and treat a man’s beard and if there’s one thing you buy your guy this Christmas make it something from Bonafide Beard’s incredible range. From a lady’s perspective the products also smell great and come in pretty cool packaging.

The Bonafide Beard’s range can be bought from their online store and couriered straight to your door! Plus, if you order now and spend more than R180 you will get free shipping in SA!

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By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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