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Okay, let’s face it … not ALL of us are blessed with super long lashes. Take me for example – I‘ve always been envious of those lucky few that have natural, sky-high lashes, and I've tried absolutely everything under the sun to get said luscious lashes! From lash extensions that cost a fortune and DIY stick-ons, to using fibrous mascara (which just irritated my eyes) – nothing seemed to work or last. That is until I tried RapidLash!

RapidLash is a clinically proven lash enhancing serum that helps boost the appearance and growth of your lashes. Now, for a person that has had short, thinned out lashes all her life, this product sounded like the just the trick to getting the full, long lashes that she has always wanted (and when I say she, I actually mean me). So, naturally after exhausting all other options with no success, I decided to give this serum a shot. The box states that it would take at least four weeks to get better looking lashes, so I decided to push it a little longer (six weeks) to see if there would be any difference in my lashes.

Application of the serum is easy and simple. Every night, preferably before you go to bed, you apply this serum to the base of your upper lashes – kind of like how you would apply liquid eyeliner – using the applicator brush. Also, before you do this, make sure that your eyelids are completely clean of any makeup or eye cream, as they will interfere with absorption of the serum. And, that’s it! One application daily before bedtime, and you’re well on your way to luscious lashes. 

Now to answer the question of ‘did it actually work?’- I’m happy to report that the serum not only filled out my lash line (finally more lashes!), but it has also lengthened my lashes and made them look beautiful and healthy! And with mascara – WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Needless to say, I will definitely continue using this serum to maintain the look and condition of my newly-beautified lashes! No more falsies for me!

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by Kim

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14 October 2015 at 10:21 am
Di Murphy I have also used RapidLash an agree with you 100%!! I see now though that the also have RapidBrow which is what I am really interested in as with age my brows are very sparse!! Please can you tell me where these items are from? Many thanks Di

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