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Let’s face it; there are some friends in your life that you love more than others. We all have a tier system for our friends and if you’re one of those people that claims to love all their friends equally then I have one thing to say to you: “liar!” But I digress, the real reason I am pointing this out is because I have found the perfect spot for you to shop up a storm for all your favourite people. It’s pretty much a gifting Mecca and once you visit this spot you will never again struggle to find something special for your bestie (you’re welcome). And, if you don’t have any friends then better for you because all your Above Rubies shopping visits will be solely for you and you alone (who needs friends when you have pretty things anyway?)

Above Rubies is the little sister of super fabulous decor and accessories store Isabelina and is a place for Capetonians to shop for luxurious and high quality decor, gifting and accessories. But before we continue let’s address the elephant in the room – how the heck is this store any different from its big sister? Firstly, most of the items available at Above Rubies are very different from the stuff at Isabelina – where Isabelina is all about big and grand furniture and decor pieces, Above Rubies is more about smaller key decor pieces like lighting, mirrors, vases, candles and crockery, and their accessories range consists of beautiful, quality on-trend handbags, bespoke custom-made jewellery and unique gifts for him and her that are sourced specially for the Above Rubies client. There are also some ranges which overlap in the two stores but you will always find those items in different colours and with subtle design differences. Lastly, unlike Isabelina, which has a few stores in Cape Town, Above Rubies is only located at the V&A Waterfront.

But there are some similarities to its big sister – like its fabulous sibling Above Rubies offers absolutely beautiful items that are hard to come by anywhere else in Cape Town. They have exclusive deals with designers to stock their wares and as a result you will find nothing but the cream of the crop on their shelves. The stuff in this store is so beautiful it should be a crime and I spent ages just marvelling at the pretty jewellery items, gorgeous handbags and fabulous art on their shelves and even kicked myself for not taking a piece of the beauty home with me.

I also love that Above Rubies stocks loads of stuff from local designers and supports initiatives that source and produce locally. They offer some stunning souvenir-type pieces that make for great gifts for family living abroad. But before you think beads and typical animal print items think again because their range of items are distinctly African, with a twist. Each and every local item has a more off-beat feel to it and you feel like you are buying a designer piece rather than just a curios items.

But above all else, the best thing about Above Rubies is that everything in the store is for sale – whether you like the art on the walls or the table the accessories are perched on you can walk away with it all! Most of the bigger pieces in the store are modelled on the Isabelina style but offer a different take on their classic in-house designs so you will always be able to find something different in this store.

And, if you’re worried about the price tag then you will be thrilled to hear that you can shop for items from as little as R100 -  perfect for a little treat for yourself or your loved one.

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By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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