Five Fabulous Festival Fashion Tips

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Darlings, music festival season is in full swing here in Cape Town, as I’m sure you know. If you’re headed to one but are unsure what to wear, my simple tips on dressing for a festival are all you need. I promise you’ll look stylish as ever while you’re rocking out!


1. Make Denim Shorts Your Staple

Long live the humble denim shorts! This festival fashion garment is never going to go away … and I can tell you that I’m jolly glad about that, because nothing says, “I’m cool and go to festivals” like a chic pair of Daisy Dukes. This staple will basically cover all bases for you, and if you’re attending festivals all season long, then you must buy a quality pair. I like styling mine with a crochet crop top, a silk kimono and a pair of strappy gladiator sandals.


2. Go For A 70s Vibe

This season is all about the 70s look … and I’m loving it! I’m talking about flowing cotton, flower power, crochet everything, a bit of tie-dye, fringing on everything, and pretty much just look like a well-groomed and slightly glamorous hippie. One of my favourite items to achieve this look is a pair of suede ankle boots … they’re a great and practical place to start. Match them with a cute pair of shorts, a well-fitted crop top and a leather fringe bag and voila … you’re festival-ready! For good measure, feel free to also tie a few feathers into your hair and wear loads of bangles.


3. Try Out Pastel-Coloured Hair

This trend has been around for quite some time, however, summer is the perfect time to flaunt it! If you have a light shade of hair, you can be sure that pastel-coloured locks on you will look fab with just about any festival outfit. Go for a pretty shade of pastel like sky blue, cotton candy pink or mint green … you can apply the colour in the form of a hair chalk, which is temporary, or a hair dye, which is semi-permanent. 


4. Accessorise With A Flower Headband 

Big, beautiful flower headbands aren’t anything new … not on the festival scene, at least. However, they’re still as stylish as ever … can you say flower power? I feel like girls have been loving the oversized hair garlands so much over the past few years that they’re become a festival staple in a similar way to denim shorts. You can opt for a small crown or a big one, depending on how much of a statement you want to make, and wear it with your hair braided or loose. I personally maintain that when it comes to flower headbands, bigger is better!


5. Dare To Bare!

You can’t deny that festivals are a place for the young and free. They’re a special place where people connect with each other, make memories and express their true selves (or something like that!) … so you can dare to bare and nobody will bat an eyelid! And, if Coachella has taught us anything, then it’s the more flesh, the better. Think crochet bikinis, low-cut crop tops, cut-out summer dresses and skirts with thigh-high slits.

by Candice

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17 February 2017 at 01:43 am
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