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Darlings today I have the best news in the history of ever! Thanks to Edgars, legendary American jeans brand, Lucky Brand, has finally made its way to South Africa and I’m as happy as a squirrel on a trampoline that they are here. You see, I used to be one of those girls that lived in my jeans but a few years ago all that stopped. I found that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find comfy jeans that fit me like a glove, and I was tired of wearing skinny jeans that were too tight in all the wrong places and that didn’t move with my body.  But then I went to the South African launch of Lucky Brand in December last year and my whole life changed. I got to try on a few pairs of their jeans at the launch and I was instantly obsessed with them – and thus began my quest to get myself my very own pair of Lucky Brand jeans.

The first thing you need to know about Lucky Brand is that they have a fit for everyone – seriously, I’m not even kidding – from straight cut and skinny jeans to bootleg and cigarette, they have it all. And, the best bit is each cut comes in an endless supply of designs so each season you can grab your favourite cut in a new style and colour. The Californian brand offers a range of vintage-inspired denims and other casual fashion items like shirts, shoes and swimwear but it’s their denims that have truly captured my affections.

I am now lucky enough to own three pairs of Lucky Brand jeans – the Charlie Skinny in black, the Sienna Cigarette boyfriend jeans in blue and the Charlotte Rail in blue – and I love every single pair for a different reason. The Charlie Skinny is THE most comfortable pair of skinny jeans I have ever had the pleasure of wearing (true story) and every time I wear them I can’t get over just how well they fit. They are made with super stretch denim so they lift in all the right places and fit me like a glove, but without that sickening ‘I’ve been wearing these skinny jeans for too long’ tummy crap that usually sets in around four ‘o clock every day.

And then there’s the Charlotte Rail; I love these because they have a sort of vintage rock-style vibe that I’ve been searching for in a pair of jeans my whole life. They are also made with super soft denim and again I’m yet to come across a pair of jeans with denim this soft – I’d pretty much liken it to being as soft as a baby’s bottom and that’s pretty soft.

Lastly there are my oh-so-awesome Sienna Cigarette boyfriend jeans – also known as my ‘I’m having a fat day pants’. I’ve always shied away from boyfriend jeans, as I’ve never come across a pair that didn’t make me look frumpy, but these boyfriend jeans fit me in all the right places and are so comfy and funky that I can wear them all day with a pair of flats, and then throw on a pair of wedges at the end of the day for a chic after-work drinks look. They are also made with super soft denim so they are so comfy you could live in them if you really wanted to.

What’s more, the brand is also all about giving customers access to premium denim at accessible price points, and while their jeans might not be as cheap as chips they are certainly worth every penny. You can get your hands on a pair of their jeans for between R1000 and R1500, depending on what style you choose. Their smaller pieces range from about R300 for a shirt.

If you’re looking for your own pair of Lucky Brand jeans then make your way to your nearest Edgars store as Lucky Brand is available at 26 Edgars stores around the country! Visit Lucky Brand on Facebook.

By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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28 May 2018 at 01:46 pm
Paul Where can I find this Lucky Brand jeans. I see you have mention they are in 26 Edgars stores. In which towns/ Cities are the Edgars?
13 February 2014 at 03:05 pm
Diane Good afternoon i would like to know you always use skinny models for you jeans would a heavier set person also find them good and comfortable to wear

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