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Just as beauty, fashion and décor have their trends, so too do beverages and the niche places that cater to them. Speaking of beverage trends, it seems the newest fab fad on that front is none other than gin. Now, thanks to mixology geniuses Rob and Mark Mulholland, that movement has arrived in Cape Town … and on the uber-trendy Bree Street, no less! That’s right, it’s Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar!

Have you noticed that, over the past few years, this trendy tipple has been experiencing a revival as edgy cocktails and exciting infusions step into the limelight? When I first heard about Mother’s Ruin, I was immediately excited and couldn’t wait to try it out! Since my first visit, I’ve been back many times … I’m a big gin-drinker, okay? Let me first explain the meaning behind the name of this hip new joint: Mother’s Ruin was the name of a spirit that was the most widely-abused alcohol in the world in the 1720s. Did you know that? I didn’t. The name of the bar, coupled with the décor that has some obviously British accents, give Mother’s Ruin a somewhat old-school yet trendy feel … fedoras and flapper dresses optional!

The upstairs bar is moody and gorgeous – think high dark-wood tables and scattered Union Jack cushions. It also boasts an enviable display of all the gins on offer. The 80-strong collection of gin comprises varieties from all around the world, as well as some of the best local offerings such as Jorgenson’s and Inverroche. Downstairs is a retro-cool space and outside is a whimsical courtyard decorated with fairy lights, which is just perfect for the balmy summer evenings that are well on their way!

On the menu, you’ll find a list of gins, tonic water and cocktails. If neat gin isn’t your thing, try one of their top-notch, beautifully-presented gin and tonics. There are at least seven different styles of tonic water to choose from, as Mother’s Ruin believes that the tonic in your G&T is just as important as the spirit. The options include fruity, floral and savoury … there’s also a range of garnish alternatives to make your drink look pretty and Instagram-worthy – fancy that! 

If you’re more a cocktail kind of gal, don’t worry – they have something for you too! Indulge in a classic and utterly delicious gin-based cocktail like The Lawrence of Arabia, the Old-School Negroni or the Dirty Martini. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Strawberry Fields, which is a mix of gin, strawberry juice, lemon juice and ground pepper. For the champagne enthusiasts, there’s the Fig Bellini, which is a shake of gin, fig syrup, figs and sparkling wine (my favourite – hands down!).

It doesn’t actually matter what you order at Mother’s Ruin – you’re sure to be charmed by whatever it is you decide to sip on! Each time I’ve visited this gem of a bar, I’ve enjoyed a thoroughly bespoke experience. Go and try it out for yourselves, Darlings – it’s a lovely spot for after work drinks or a warmup before a night out, especially considering the vibrant yet unpretentious atmosphere. Now you know where to find me after work this evening, don’t you?

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by Candice

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2 December 2015 at 05:36 pm
Lucy Hi - just wanted to flag to you that there are also Cape Town gins on offer there. I make one of them, so didn't want to write up a seemingly biased comment on FB - but wanted you to know that there are several Cape Town gins available there and at the Secret Gin Bar, including Musgrave Gin and Hope on Hopkins (my distillery). Let me know if you'd be keen for a tasting and tour at the Hope on Hopkins distillery at some stage. All the best Lucy

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