The Best Ways To De-Stress And Stay Sane

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It’s that crazy time of year again… no, don’t panic it’s not the festive season just yet, but some of us are hitting the mid-year blues. Yes, there is such a thing – and ladies, I think it affects us more. When it comes to de-stressing, and staying sane – for the sake of your happiness and those around you – we have some fabulous tips to get you through it.

With winter in full swing (isn’t that enough to get us feeling down?), only six more months to achieve everything we want in 2016, less than three months to get our bodies back in shape and well, a workload, stress load and every other load under the sun taking its toll, it can be hard to stay positive and sane.

If you’re anything like me you need to take a few minutes to breathe, focus and plan for the months ahead. We all know stress is a silent killer, so why get yourself into a tizz when you can take things one step at a time. Be sure to try out these awesome tips.

1. Change things up a bit: We all love routine (me, perhaps a little more than others), but we all know that change is as good as a holiday. So break up that routine just a little.

2. Identify stress triggers: Start taking notes and see what gets you all uptight and feeling overwhelmed. Then try to tackle them one at a time. 

3. Start exercising: Moving that body of yours can do wonders for you mind, too. Experts believe that when your body is in good condition, you feel more energised and find it easier to manage stress.

4. Focus on nutrition: While that sugar craving sounds fabulous during those late night deadlines, you will inevitably hit a low a few hours later. You need nutritious food and drinks to get you through this tough period.

5. Sleep, sleep and more sleep: Yes, eight hours or more. It’s not clichéd, its logical. No rest leads to bad decisions, lack of participation and overall bad moods.

6. Get out there: Call your friends and organise a dinner date. There’s nothing like a few good laughs to have you feeling better in no time. 

7. Start a new hobby: A yoga class, painting, or even just catching up on some reading will help you take your mind off the bigger things and just allow you to relax a little. I hear that adult colouring books are also a great way to zone out and unwind.

by Angela

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