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Darlings, I get it … Cape Town’s dizzying landscape of coffee shops, baristas and cafés may make you want to give up and settle for a bodega-sourced buzz. Thankfully, I’ve cut through the noise to bring you a fabulous short list of the best coffee shops and espresso bars in the Mother City! From staples to new spots, here are my five favourite places to perk up with caffeine and a pastry.


1. The Blend

The Blend is an edgy yet unpretentious little spot that serves up at least three different roasts – including Bootlegger and Deluxe Coffeeworks – as well as their own divine and ever-so-dreamy caramel creation. Though more of a takeaway spot than a sit-down café, the coffee shop also offers a variety of delicious breakfast items, from traditional fry-ups and omelettes to muffins and gourmet sandwiches. Feel like mixing up your usual java routine? Then you’ll be glad to know that they also have freshly cold-pressed juices and creamy smoothies on offer.

Where: 79 Roeland Street, which area? Cape Town.


2. Truth

Perhaps you’re one of those fussy coffee drinkers (like me) who add all sorts of things to their cup before drinking? You know, sugar, milk (which has to be low-fat), cream, and all of that … otherwise you find coffee to be pretty gross. If this is you, allow Truth to set you and your bad coffee drinking habits free! The shop, which is open everyday of the week (so there’s no excuse to miss out) will teach you how to drink the good stuff. This spot also makes for the perfect coffice, thanks to their offering of free and speedy WiFi, satisfying wraps and, not to mention, top-notch artisan coffee. 

Where: 36 Buitkenkant Street, Cape Town CBD, Cape Town & 1 Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town.


3. Shift Espresso Bar

This somewhat alternative coffee shop does far more than just serve up specialty coffees inspired by travels abroad. Shift is an inviting place that allows customers to make whatever they want of the space provided. They serve up a variety of unique, “against-the-grain” brews that are made with drool-worthy ingredients, such as hazelnuts, Oreo cookies and condensed milk. Some of the concoctions may sound a bit odd, but trust me … they’re pure indulgence! Plus, with free WiFi and multiple laptop plugs points and cell phone charging statins, Shift is an ideal spot to do a bit of work.

Where: Cape Royale Luxury Hotel, 47 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town.


4. Bean There

One thing I really love about Bean There is that they source their coffee beans ethically and take pride in travelling to communities and farms to hand select their single origin beans. At this spot, java addicts can sip on an exclusive optimal roast that’s nothing short of excellence. Apart from their fantastic coffees, their eclectic mix of African-inspired trinkets and art creates a wonderful environment for creatives to brainstorm, or for the regular coffee addicts to sit back and breathe in the hustle and bustle of the city outside.

Where: 58 Wale Street, Cape Town CBD, Cape Town.


5. Origin Coffee Roasting

Origin doesn’t call themselves “the artisan roasters of Africa” for no good reason. This stylish spot takes prides in their hands-on mastery coffee crafting approach … and you can bet that they serve up the most decadent gourmet coffees in the city … in my opinion, at least (and by now you know I’m a coffee snob, right?). They also offer customers a wide range of local and international beans to buy. Origin is a horrendously popular spot for freelancers to sip on exotic teas and divine coffee while they work … so if you plan to pop in, just be sure to expect big crowds.

Where: 28 Hudson Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town.

by Candice

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