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Okay Darlings, I admit it … I still haven’t gotten over the pouting trend. I mean, who has, really? We all want that voluptuous Scarlett Johansson pout for those uber-awesome selfies but the hard pill to swallow is this: very few of us are born with it! So, I figured why not construct that bigger, bolder and braver pout with these perfect plumpers.


1. Gosh Cosmetics Volume Lip Shine 

This fabulous little treasure contains jojoba oil, shea and a groundbreaking plumping complex called MaxiLip, with nourishing effects for a natural plumping result (you shouldn’t be trying to look like you’re recovering from a horrible bee sting … so subtlety is key!). It contains an SPF of 10 and offers that desirable long-lasting shine, which certainly allows you to stretch your cash a little further. With eight different colours to choose from, there’s one for every look! You can find it at any Edgars or Red Square store for R120.


2. Luxe Crème Lipgloss SPF 15 By Justine

This is definitely my favourite South African cosmetics brand by far. Since I stumbled across their products a couple of years ago, none of them have failed to impress. The Luxe Crème Lipgloss is one of the newer offerings under their premium brand, Luxe. Charged with a naturally-derived lip-plumping complex, this formula enhances your lips with a moisturising super-glossy colour that will leave your lips appearing fuller and juicier. At only R149, who could say no to that? 


3. Rimmel Vinyl Max Lip Gloss

This one has been on the market for a good four years and is still going strong … that in itself should tell you something! It keeps lips soft and smooth, while enhancing volume and colour. The wand allows for very easy application, so you might just find yourself whipping this little gem out at every turn. You can experience that perfect pout in five amazing shades with just one effortless glide, and if you aren’t a fan of the sticky feeling that some glosses leave behind, then you have to grab this one! The best part of it all, you ask? You can purchase this purse dominator for under 100 bucks!


4. Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Lip Treatment 

For a more mature skin, you’ll totally relish this innovative creation by AVON. The treatment helps restore definition to lip contours. It’s formulated with Surfa-Smooth Technology to fade out fine lines and wrinkles around the lips. And, for that oh-so-sexy pout, the gloss contains Injecta-Fill Technology to help your lips achieve that gorgeous plump look and feel.


5. Try The Natural Route 

For those who crave luscious lips without the extra cost, I have a simple homemade lip-plumping concoction for you. All you will need is brown sugar and coconut oil (simple!). Exfoliating with a mixture of these two ingredients will increase circulation to your lips, naturally augmenting their volume while giving them a rosy glow. You can even make honey your new best friend if you would like to enhance lip size and smoothness. 

These products contain a fine selection of stimulating ingredients to plump up thin-looking lips. Some work by slightly irritating the skin, causing a tingling, burning sensation as blood gushes to your lips, and others by exaggerating the lips with a tide of hydrating ingredients. Whatever the process, they are all made to give your lips a radical boost in the most natural way possible so … go plump or go home. 


Happy pouting, Darlings!

by Brigette

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