Why Couple Workouts Work

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Have you ever heard the saying, ‘couples who sweat together, stay together?’ While it sounds hilarious, it’s so very true. That’s why we’re helping you and your other half live happily ever after with these fab tips on why you should hit the gym together from now on.

So, I'm no fitness freak (and probably never will be), but I do like to stay in shape and get a moderate amount of exercise done in a week… especially as I get older! 

For me, exercise is a Pilates class or a quick run on the treadmill. My husband, on the other hand, has always loved to train. While he too is getting older, and a little lazier let me add (hopefully he never reads this!), he is known for his killer abs and muscular physique – thanks to hours in the gym.

But, did you know one of the best ways to keep your relationship happy is to train together? It’s true… trust me, I’ve tried it:   


• Believe it or not, according to studies, couples who exercise together feel more satisfied with themselves and their partner. Sharing a fitness goal can boost the quality of your relationship, experts say.

• It will boost your energy output. Some believe that when working out together, your partner’s presence will improve your strength, speed and motivation.

• It enhances physical arousal. Studies say that getting your heart racing and becoming short of breath is actually more attractive than you think (who knew?).

• It helps you achieve your goals. When you have a gym buddy - and in this case the love of your life - you are automatically inspired to work toward your goals, compete with one another and achieve results together. 

• It increases your emotional bond. You will push each other to do better, and lift one another up when feeling low.

• Cheat days are more fun (and that’s music to my ears!). You can indulge together and feel guilty together - and you know what needs to be done the next day to burn those calories off.


So happy training… and tell your partner (and your soon-to-be rocking physique, of course), they’re welcome!

by Angela

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