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Cape Town’s Darling is your VERY best friend - one who will quite happily give you the inside scoop on where to go, what to do and what to buy in Cape Town! A complete shopaholic who is never REALLY happy unless she is spending someone's money (either hers or yours), Cape Town’s Darling will spend hours pounding the pavements on your behalf discovering new places to eat, wonderful new shops, fantastic bargains, irresistible must-haves for your home, beauty treatments that actually work, and new places to try with friends and family. You'll wonder what you ever did without her!

Cape Town's Darling is the best way to uncover Cape Town one day at a time. With in-depth personal reviews and gorgeous photos that capture the essence of her latest finds, these daily morsels will have you falling in love with Cape Town- one delicious day at a time!

No Agenda Whatsoever

Cape Town’s Darling does NOT accept payment in return for coverage – we write only about what we love! Any bad or average experiences are discarded and remain unpublished, and we move onto the next “find”.