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If you told me that excessively clicking my mouse would make my computer go faster, I wouldn’t believe you. No doubt about it, I’m at the smart end of the “technologically challenged” spectrum – although my brother, Travis, may beg to differ. He claims that I annoy the “beep” out if him when he has to explain things over and over to me. Exaggerate much! With that being said, I love gadgets as much as the next girl and have recently discovered a super sleek desktop dock for my iPhone and iPad – the HiRise Deluxe. Simply put, this is the ultimate stand for charging or the hands-free use of my iPhone or iPad ... and I can’t wait to tell you why.

Let’s get this one little misconception out of the way though - looks do matter! Especially when it comes to accessories … and I’m not just talking about handbags and jewellery, Darlings. The designers of the HiRise Deluxe knew what they were doing when they came up with this simple yet stylish dock made from brushed metal - in silver, gold or black - that can be co-ordinated with your Apple device. It has two support bars that hold the iPhone or iPad on a recline - one bar holds the cable and the other provides back support. Of course, it’s also practical and I use it to stream music, display photos and for eye-level Skype calls. Hands-free use means that I don’t muffle or block the microphone or speakers, so my calls are crystal clear. Best of all, all this happens while my phone is charging – multi-tasking at its best!

The HiRise Deluxe is compatible with the newest iPods, iPhones, iPads and iPads mini’s and it includes an additional cable so that you can continue to carry your original one with you everywhere you go – which is really useful because I need a cable for the car, the study, my bedside…

I’ve bought tons of gadgets and I swear most of them call for an engineer to put them together … even Travis (my in-house tech support) would attest to this. This isn’t the case with the HiRise Deluxe – you don’t need a single tool and I managed to put it together all by myself in a matter of minutes. I might have even high-fived myself. One of my favourite features about this stand is that you can adjust it to fit any case. The rear support slides backwards and forwards by twisting a knob (so you don’t have to worry about tightening screws) and the multiple height clips support most covers. Let’s face it, when I’m shopping for the perfect iPhone or iPad cover, I don’t want to ummm and ahhh and worry that my devices won’t fit perfectly on my dock. Phew, you know what they say … an Apple (product) a day keeps the … mood swings at bay! From R899. 


by Samantha

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