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Okay ladies, let’s be honest here – we all have some kind of weakness, right? (Not that we need to tell our significant others that). Mine just happens to be makeup! I love that you can accentuate your features (without overdoing it). Kim, our guest blogger, also adores makeup and recently got the chance to try out the latest range from Catrice Cosmetics.

I’m actually starting to think that my make up obsession is becoming an unhealthy habit. You should all check out my makeup bag (well, let’s rather say BAGS), I have a little bit of anything and everything to make me look and feel glamorous. I have absolutely no issue with finding the perfect eyeshadow combination, or the right mascara to give my eyelashes volume and length, but when it comes to primer, foundation, concealer and eyeliner that ACTUALLY lasts, I just hit a brick wall. Nothing seemed to do the trick ... that is until I came across Catrice Cosmetics!

What I’ve noticed with a number of brand foundations is that I never get that perfect finish. Either it’s too thick, doesn’t give enough coverage, or just looks terrible! I was seriously ready to just give up the hunt for the perfect foundation, until I came across the Catrice Matt Mousse Foundation (in Light Beige). This foundation changed my life! Not only did it look completely natural and feel light on my skin, but it lasted ALL day and covered up all of those icky enlarged pores and lines. It gave off an even, flawless look that I loved, and best of all, it didn’t even cause my skin to breakout! This is a definite must-have!

Don’t you just hate it when your eyeshadow clumps together right in the crease? This is the one thing I cannot stand about eyeshadow – it never sticks and I end up looking like a raccoon with everything smudged everywhere by the end of the day! That is why I decided to give the Catrice Prime & Fine Eyeshadow Base a try. It smoothed out my eyelids and kept my eyeshadow (which just so happens to be the Catrice Absolute Rose palette – just stunning) looking perfect for hours! And, to finish off the look and make your eyes pop (before the mascara, obviously), the Catrice Made To Stay Inside Eyeliner (in Come Black and Stay) defines eyes beautifully and didn’t fade as quickly as other eyeliners that claim to be ‘waterproof’.

Last but not least, I need to tell you all about the revolutionary three-step system by Catrice that will give you perfectly manicured nails without having to head to the salon! This nail system boosts the longevity of your freshly painted nails, all you need to do is apply their Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Base Coat, beautify your nails with your favourite Catrice nail lacquer, and top it off with the Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Top Coat. My nailpolish has never looked so fabulous or even lasted this long!

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by Kim

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27 July 2015 at 09:30 am
Cape Town's Darling Hi Charmaine, one of the best ways would be to order them online at Regards
22 July 2015 at 01:38 pm
Charmaine Where did you bought this Kim

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