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I don’t know about you, ladies, but I like to keep my skincare routine as natural as possible (anyone out there agree with me?). I always go for products that contain ingredients like tea tree, green tea (I’m sure by now you know how much I love green tea!), aloe vera and so on. That’s why excitement actually bubbled inside me when I heard about Beaucience.

Beaucience (pronounced ‘bo-si-ance’ for those of you that are curious) is a South African skincare brand, with a wide range of anti-ageing products. Now, I know what some of you may be thinking … either you don’t think you need anti-ageing products yet or you shy away from them because, frankly, they scare you (I’m with you there). 

However, experts are constantly saying that our skin ages due to the environment around us and the amount of stress we take on at work or at home (being a Cape Town girl can be tough, am I right?). Having said this, I decided to voyage into unknown territory and to give the Botanicals range from Beaucience a try … and honestly, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

All of the products that I’ve used – that’s the Cleansing Gel, the Toning Lotion and the Eye Resque Gel – contain organic green tea (the tea I absolutely adore and can’t get enough of) as well as eco certified Proteasyl, which, according to Beaucience, works to create younger looking skin. 

The products are easy enough to use. I usually use the Cleansing Gel (which retails for about R65) twice a day, followed by the Toning Lotion (about R70) and a moisturiser. On that point, toning is crucial to one’s skincare routine and shouldn’t be ignored (that’s my advice for the day). Finally, I apply the Eye Resque Gel (about R105) to the bottom of my eyes. Thus far, my eyes look a lot brighter after I apply the gel … so I’m definitely a happy chappie!  

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by Nicole

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