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Winter really knows how to take its toll on us – or should I say, on our bodies! You’re not the only one who wants to crawl into bed with a hot chocolate and munchies every night… trust me. But while it sounds comforting and warm, fact is this is the time to keep your body healthy and happy; you don’t want to regret it when summer comes along.

So, I’m not saying avoid all comfort food during the colder months, I’m just suggesting you enjoy them in moderation. And don’t worry if you’re not up for a 5am gym session, neither am I to tell you the truth. But I have always believed that it’s the smallest change that makes the biggest difference. 

I have some easy ways to get healthy, which don’t include early-morning training sessions, or well, starving yourself. Now I know you may have heard of some of these before but it doesn’t hurt to rehash them, am I right?

•Start your morning off with 50 jumping jacks. It’s the best time of day to be active and you only need five minutes before jumping into the shower. 

•Make sure to have a healthy breakfast before kick starting that busy day ahead. There’s nothing like a bowl of All Bran Flakes to boost your metabolism.

•Take healthy snacks to work in order to avoid a binge at the vending machine by lunch time.

•When cooking, avoid frying and rather stick to baking or grilling. And remove the skin when eating chicken or turkey. 

•Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily (this one’s a no-brainer!)

•If you eat out often, beware of portion sizes and hidden facts – yes ladies, that salad dressing probably has more calories than a toasted sandwich.

•Stick to low-calorie drinks… in fact how about no calorie drinks. Those cappuccinos can add up. And I won’t even get started on the alcoholic beverages.

•Do 10 squats and 10 lunges while waiting for dinner to cook.

•Avoid processed foods and artificial sweeteners.

•Drink lots of water – your body cannot function without it.

•Get some fresh air. No matter how cold it is, boost your immune system and Vitamin D levels by going outside for at least 10 minutes a day.

•Reduce your levels of stress – prioritise, delegate and meditate.

•Get a good night’s rest (and by that, I mean every night). Lack of sleep has been linked to sugar cravings. 

All the best!

by Angela

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