Keeping Your Skin Happy This Winter

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I hate winter! While some of you might think that ‘hate’ is a strong word, when it comes to the cold weather, it’s exactly the word I want to use. Not only do you have to wear layers to stay warm - and try not to look bulky and 10 kilos overweight at the same time – but your hair and skin takes a knock, too.

There are ways to keep your skin winter happy, though. Trick is knowing how and realising that it won’t happen overnight. So give your skin some TLC with these simple, everyday tips.

For me, a day cannot start without moisturising. Going from the shower into clothes should be a crime… unless you enjoy itching and scratching all day long. Don’t be shy when using the body lotion either. I am hooked on my Nivea Body Lotion - it leaves my skin feeling the way my tummy does when it’s just polished off a slab of chocolate – beyond satisfied!

Also, make sure your bath water is warm, not hot, as it will prevent the skin from breaking, causing it to itch more. And don’t forget about your face either! Don’t tell anyone but plain old Aqueous Cream works wonders on every skin type, unlike some expensive brands (enjoy the compliments!).

While you’re at it, make sure to keep those lips kissable - say goodbye to horrible chapped lips with a tub of Vaseline. It’s cheap and it works like magic!

Exfoliating is vital too. It helps get rid of lagging cells, allowing your skin to soak up moisture more easily. And make sure to care for your hands, too - I personally love the Sorbet range, which is also available at Clicks. And don’t forget to ask your nail technician to sort out your dry cuticles when you go for a manicure as well. 

Talking about manicures, winter is not the time to let yourself go - those mani and pedi appointments are more important than drinks with the girls. Unless you want to hide your hands and feet in gloves all summer long. The same goes for waxing - there’s no excuse for stopping beauty treatments because you are too cold (or lazy) to get undressed. 

Keep your body in tip-top shape - and that means remembering that what goes into your body is just as important as what’s on the outside. A diet lacking in nutrition will affect your hair and skin, too. So healthy eating everyone - say hello to fruits and veg, and goodbye to refined carbs!

by Angela

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