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Let’s face it, choosing the right cleanser for your skin can be a nightmare of note. There are so many fabulous products out there (and I should know I’ve reviewed a fair amount of them!) but finding THE one that works for you sometimes feels like finding a needle in a haystack. Well, what if I told you that you might not have to use facial cleansers anymore and you could save your hard earned cash to splurge on moisturisers, serums and masks? Thanks to Smittens, a revolutionary facial cleansing mitten this could very well be a reality! Here’s why you should give the Smittens Cleansing Mitts a try and soon.
When it comes to my skin I am quite possibly the laziest woman on earth. I’ve stopped counting the amount of nights I have gone to bed without cleansing my face. I don’t use much make-up on a daily basis - just mascara and eyeliner - so it’s easy to use a quick slick of eye make-up remover, brush my teeth and jump into bed. It’s shocking I know but some nights I just can’t bear to haul out my cleanser, moisturiser and serums and slog through the 10 minute routine. Which is why I fell completely in love with Smittens. You see, with Smittens there is no real need for cleaners; all you need is your trusty Smitten and some hot water and you are good to go! The Smitten is also non-bacterial forming and suitable for all skin types – dry, allergenic, acne prone or sensitive.
The cute little facial mitten fits over your hand and allows you to cleanse using nothing but water. The micro-fibre material it is made from allows you to safely and effectively remove bacteria and dirt without the need for soaps and suds. All you need to do is follow the simple three steps to beautiful clean skin: 1. Do a pre-cleanse as normal with water or your face wash; 2. Wet your Smitten under hot water to get the fibres activated, slip your hand in and gently massage your face to remove any excess make-up and dirt; 3. Wash your Smitten with normal soap, ring out and hang up to dry – that’s it! Some people may prefer to use face wash in the pre-cleanse stage (especially if you wear lots of make-up) but it’s really up to you. If you feel like your skin is clean using just the Smitten and water then great! I tried both ways and found that I preferred to use just water and my Smitten on most days, and then included a face wash in the pre cleanse stage after exercising or when I had lots of make-up or product on my face (like sun block).
Something else I love about the Smitten is that it even removes waterproof mascara just using hot water! You simply hold the smitten over your eye area for 10 seconds, wipe and it’s gone! It’s been such a treat to use and has really simplified my morning and night-time routine. In fact since using the Smitten I have not missed one night-time cleansing session because it’s just so darn easy. After two and a half months of use my sensitive skin always feels super clean and soft and I’ve had no rashes, breakouts or sensitivity. I also took my Smitten on an overseas trip with me and used it on my insanely long layovers (9 hours in an airport there and back, fun!) and on the plane. It was so great not having to carry face wash with me and I loved that the Smitten gave my skin a good clean and pick-me-up when it needed it!
The Smittens range also offers something for everyone – including men and babies! There’s the Original Smitten (a delicate fine-weave face-cleansing mitt for ladies that cleans clogged pores and removes eye and face make-up, as it gently exfoliates), Smitt (a men’s savvy face wash mitt with wedge-shaped fibres that “grab” particles of oil, dirt, and the bacteria into the internal structure of the cloth and away from the skin) and Smitty (a revolutionary baby cleansing mitt made from super soft micro fibre that looks and feels fluffy).

Smittens are available from online store and retail for R100 each. They are reusable and need to be replaced approximately every three months.

By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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