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There’s nothing cooler than having your very own customised stationery – seriously name one thing that is cooler than having a notebook with your name printed on it! Maybe it’s the fact that I am a journalist and love noting down the little details of all the places I visit but there’s just something romantic about old school stationery and the now old-timey act of letter writing. Which is why I am beyond obsessed with today’s find – Macaroon! I recently got to meet up with the team behind the brand to check out their range of incredible customised stationery (including the brand new range in collaboration with artist Tracy Paul) and fell head over heels in love with them and everything they do. If you love stationery then this online store will be like heaven on earth for you. Here’s why you have to visit their site for all your stationery needs.

For those of you who might not be so familiar with Macaroon here’s a little introduction to the company. Macaroon specialises in personalised stationery or rather; ‘social stationery with a twist’ and the company aims to merge the traditional act of letter writing, gift giving and note taking with the latest design technology. Not only can you ask them to design custom stationery for you or a loved one but when using their online store you can also link your Macaroon profile to your Facebook photo albums or a friend’s Facebook photo albums in order to create the ultimate customised product. Macaroon allows you to personal almost every aspect of your life by offering everything from customised stickers, notebooks and pencil bags to ribbon, block mounted canvases and gift cards.

If the whole custom-design thing isn’t for you then you can also opt to purchase items from their standard collections available in their studio. When I popped into the store I spent ages marvelling at their various collections which included beauties like the pink flamingo range (the most gorgeous range of notebooks, ribbon and gift cards featuring pink flamingos paired with duck egg blue accents), the medical range (a stunning range of vintage inspired red and white stickers, lunch bags, and metal storage tins featuring the classic first aid cross) and the 50s range (consisting of 50s inspired tins, ribbon and gift cards).

And then, of course there’s the Tracy Paul collection! The new range, Tracy Paul for Macaroon, is made up of a whimsical collection of personalised stationery and accessories, featuring bespoke Tracy Paul sketches on some of Macaroon’s most beloved products. The artist partnered with the stationery brand to bring the world of art and stationery together and offer art lovers a little piece of bliss in their everyday lives. So what can you expect from the Tracy Paul collection? The artist is best known for her intricate sketches of bustier bras and eccentric dresses as well as her enchanting sketches of teapots and African animals wearing tutus and you can be sure that you will find all of this and more in her Macaroon collection! The Tracy Paul range is exclusive to Macaroon and is available as ready-to-go purchases or for personalisation.

Some of my favourite items from the Tracy Paul for Macaroon collection include the Tea Time Patisserie hardcover spiral bound notebook (featuring a stunning over-sized pink teapot - R280 for an A5 notebook) Ballerina Giraffe note cards (round cornered cards featuring a giraffe wearing a tutu, stockings and ballet shoes – R350 for 16) and the Giraffe Boy Height Chart (featuring a giraffe wearing goggles and a snorkel, swimming trunks and a life saver – R400). I also fell in love with the poster range and I am currently eyeing the Bluebird Joker poster printed on a block mounted canvas for R500.

The Tracy Paul collection is the first of many collaborations for Macaroon so make sure you keep an eye out for collections from other designers and artists in the future!

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By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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