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Step aside winter blues - we’re not going to let the cold days take over our wardrobe and our mood, are we? With winter officially here, it can be a little difficult to stay stylish while trying to ensure we are warm all day long. But there are some ways to do so, so don’t push all those fashionable items to the back of your cupboard just yet.

I really struggle with winter – in fact, I get cold in summer, too, especially when they switch on the aircon. But hey, I’m the exception. Of course my husband teases me about that – then again don’t all men laugh about how many layers their wives wear?

So going out in winter for me definitely means layering up. But does layering up also mean looking bulky and feeling horrible? Not always! Before you panic, I have some ways to help you stay warm and look fabulous without resembling the Michelin Man. 

While you would feel great in a thick hoodie and tracksuit pants, fact is you probably have to attend meetings, or events which don’t really cater for that attire. Plus, no one really feels sexy in a baggy pull-over. 

So get your hands on a warm, stylish coat - that way you can wear something thin and pretty underneath, but have the coat to keep you extra warm when you’re outside. You can even sneak in a third item – a thin jersey underneath the coat which isn’t very visible.

Also invest in a comfortable pair of boots – whether you prefer flats or heels, match them up with skinny jeans, leggings, or even some thick stockings if you’re brave enough to sport a dress. Choose a neutral colour to match all outfits; I practically live in my flat black boots from May to August.

A gorgeous waistcoat (like the faux waistcoat style) is also a must! Not only will you be oh-so-trendy this winter, but you’ll have that extra, stylish layer to keep you warm on the worst of days.

So, there’s no reason not to look attractive this winter… and stay warm, of course!

by Angela

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